Get to know the band!

 Michael Taylor- Accordion / Ceilidh Caller

Mick (2).png

Michael (20) has been playing his accordion for the past eleven years, and has been playing in public from an early age. He enjoys any opportunity to expand his musical knowledge, taking time to explore a variety of musical cultures. 

With a wide range of musical tastes, Michael regularly explores aspects of international music, and can be held responsible for the continental detours which the band takes during gigs. He enjoys listening to a variety of traditional music, from around the world, including traditional French and Scottish music. 

Michael leads the arrangement of music for the band, taking responsibility for calling at gigs and managing the order of play for performances.  

 Finlay O'Neill - Guitar

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Finlay (21) has been playing acoustic guitar for around 6 years, teaching himself relentlessly in his bedroom at home, and studying the playing of his favourite musicians at gigs and online.

Finlay's music tastes are very eclectic and his favourites are a mix of Scottish folk-rock bands such as Skerryvore and Runrig, and also international bands such as The Levellers, Dropkick Murphys,  and They Might Be Giants, amongst many, many others local and international.


Finlay has also been known to dabble in brass music, where he can carry a tune on his trombone.


 Kyle O'Neill - Drums/Percussion


Kyle (18), sometimes known by his Youtube alter-ego - KO Drummer, has been playing drums since he was 11 and has been posting drum cover videos to his Youtube channel for a couple of years now.  


Kyle loves Scottish trad music and can often be found in his tiny bedroom rocking out to the likes of Skipinnish, Skerryvore, Trail West, Niteworks, Heron Valley, and Fife's very own Coaltown Daisies, as well as tackling the occasional Runrig or Chilli Pipers track.  As yet there have been no complaints from the neighbours!


Despite being the youngest member of the band, Kyle can normally be found organising gigs and setting up the many pieces of equipment before gigs, as well as providing the powerful heartbeat of the music. 

Kyle also plays with several other bands and musical organisations, Harbourlights, a musical organisation have used Kyle on the drums the past couple of years, last year he performed Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat in the pit band and were preparing to perform Summer Holiday, a Cliff Richard special, which was cut due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kyle is also drummer with an up and coming trad band based in the Outer Hebrides, Culla is the name! The band has been formed for several months and already have big plans about where they're going with it in the future